people getting mad when people draw a canonically white character as a white person like i understand the need for more diversity I really do but if someone wants to follow canon please don’t get mad at them for that it’s not their fault that the main character is a white dude they just wanna like a thing.





Hi everyone! I bought the Extreme MagiCotton Sports and Binding Bra and it unfortunately was too small at me. Since I can afford to just buy a new binder, I am giving away this binder. I will pay for shipping anywhere in the United States (it will not be super fast shipping though- unless you have a reason for it). Keep in mind the bra is for a 32 B/C/D, but I personally thing it runs a little small, as I am a 32 C and it was way too tight on me. Just be wary! Anyway, it’s black and really nice!

  • this is NOT for cosplayers
  • please only reblog if your a transman/ genderfluid/ nonbinary

I’m picking someone July 30th, because I need to mail it ON July 30th! Reblogs only a guess?

Okay, cool!

Signal Boost!

PSA You can not understand something and not be okay with it and still not be an asshole about it jfc if someone says they identify with plants like shoot that’s odd but it doesn’t effect you in the slightest so please grow the fuck up because it’s literally none of your business.


Chest Binder Giveaway



imageHello! I am giving away a chest binder! It is fairly new and has only been worn less than a handful of times. It is a 2XL, but that is in Asian sizing, so it is about 2x smaller than U.S. sizing.. I am a 38DD and it gets me pretty flat, but not as flat as I would like, so if you are a bit smaller than that, it should work for you!

The top half under the tank top is binding, and is secured by clasps on one side, with elastic bands on the other. I can provide pictures of the inside as well, just let me know.

The giveaway will end next Saturday, August 2nd. Only reblogs count as an entry, but you can reblog as many times as you like.



so i did one of these giveaways a while ago with a lot of success and i just got paid so why not do another one!!

rayyylmao’s binder giveaway 2: electric boogaloo!

this binder in particular is pretty darn great as a first binder, i think. it’s pretty cozy, breathable, i can manage to wear it for eight hours or so without much discomfort too. i ordered mine in xl and it fit my bust really great (i’m a size 38D), flattens them down great, especially in a larger and loose fitting shirt, and you probably adjust it about as much as a normal bra so it’s a darn fine binder

the rules (there’s always rules)

  • this is open for trans/nb people only!! i will be doing a cosplay binder giveaway soon but for now, this is for my trans brothers and nb siblings NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • please just one like and one reblog! and no giveaway blogs either i will check!!
  • you don’t have to follow me but i’m cool and i post plants and aesthetic things and maybe you’ll get some other surprises if you do who knows
  • i will ship anywhere and everywhere!
  • ending date is 15th august!! then i will pick a winner with a random number generator and the winner will be contacted!

good luck! and if you don’t want the binder but want to share the word, please tag this “signal boost!” so i don’t count you in the giveaway! thank you!!

reasons i’m a piece of shit number 883929:

I totally forgot to water jens plants and now one of them is dying and its all my fault and she is mad at me i feel like living with her makes her hate me cause she gets a full dose of how awful i am god let me die.