reasons i’m a piece of shit number 883929:

I totally forgot to water jens plants and now one of them is dying and its all my fault and she is mad at me i feel like living with her makes her hate me cause she gets a full dose of how awful i am god let me die.

I’m such a shit cause I’m still madly in love with her and talking to her just makes me remember that she’s perfect but it won’t work with her in the closet and so far away I just wanna have her here because i love her so much. I suck

There are actually two women in outlast. One is Lisa Park and the other is a Murkoff scientist that was interested in the progress of the walrider project. She’s kind of super duper minor and is only in like one file but that file also tells us there was probably no female staff because she was worried about being able to observe things safely.